Top 9 Action Plans to Make Your Bulk Hiring Process Successful

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When organizations grow, so do teams. But this is never linear, and when the growth is exponential, we need to talk about the increased hiring volumes at different points in time for various functions within the organization. It would help if you had a robust recruitment plan coupled with an efficient control system that can consistently yield the desired outcome, i.e., quality hires.

This article will discuss action plans to transform your conventional recruitment process into a seamless bulk-hiring pipeline.

Get Started: Implement Your Bulk Hiring Pipeline

  1. Create a structured hiring plan
  2. Segregate the departments
  3. Improvise your talent attraction strategy
  4. Create a talent repository
  5. Take support for CV screening
  6. Streamline the interview process
  7. Enable bulk and automated actions
  8. Enable a smooth onboarding process
  9. Use an AI-ML humantech enabled recruitment platform
Create a Structured Hiring Plan

A bulk hiring process cannot rely solely on the recruiter or the HR professional. When you are making a structured hiring plan each step involved in the recruitment process should be defined and has to be monitored by a recruitment professional or a team. Plus, each step should be made customizable depending on the upcoming hiring needs, and the entire recruitment system should be made transparent and controllable from a single place. In short, you require an upgradation of the conventional recruitment process.

Segregate the Departments

Compartmentalize departments, subdepartments, and teams that handle specific projects. By this, you can easily distribute the hiring responsibility to the respective team leaders while also having centralized control over the recruitment process.

Bulk hiring easier by organizing hiring by role, department, and location. But make sure to have centralized control to manage the hiring process of different departments.

Improvise Your Talent Attraction Strategy

Hiring on a large scale escalates the need to attract a larger talent pool, and in addition to that it is also essential to target the candidates with the most suitable talent bringing in the best cultural fit. Here is a list of the best strategies that attract top talent to your organization.

Pro-tip: 7 Talent Attraction Strategies

  • Create social media posts and advertisements.
  • Build employer branding.
  • Conduct webinars and quiz sessions.
  • Reach out to candidates both offline and online.
  • Take the support of recruitment platforms, tools, professionals, and agencies.
  • Be a part of talent and recruiter communities.
  • Advertise via traditional mediums such as newspapers.
Create a Talent Repository

A talent pool mainly consists of people who applied for a specific role but did not fit the same. There could also be passive candidates, former employees, current employees looking for a department change, referrals, etc. Ensure that you segment these into lists or cohorts for easy reference.

These cohorts or segments have the potential to cut down the hiring cost and time as you can start each of your recruitment processes from this readily available talent database. Pro-tip: Bolster your talent pool.

Take Support for CV Screening

One of the best ways by which you can cut down your CV screening time is by using a prescreening questionnaire that the candidate can fill out before a given deadline. This reduces time and effort as the basic requirements (or deal-breakers) will be covered. The form can be scrutinized manually or using a tool where only candidates with similar skills and qualifications will advance to the next round. Another way is to use CV screening tools. And the other most popular method is to outsource this to a specialized independent recruitment professional or agency that can do this with their internal QC team.

Streamline the Interview Process

When you are hiring in bulk, it is essential to schedule interviews in advance and keep the timings flexible by using an interview scheduler tool where the interviewer can choose a list of dates and timings indicating their availability and send it to the candidates. It's vital to equip the hiring team to handle virtual interviews as they save time and resources.

Conducting robotic and prescreening interviews where you can ask questions that will fetch you the answers regarding the minimum eligibility criteria is a significant plus. This can reduce the time taken for CV screening. But, make sure to keep a recorded version of such interviews for future reference.

Further, you can also choose to outsource your prescreening interview to a recruitment service provider or a professional.

Enable Bulk and Automated Actions

One of the most recommended modes of communication is sending emails to the candidates to keep them updated regarding the hiring process. So, this step should be kept bulk actionable where you are able to send emails to a list of candidates with their names and application number. Templates are an easy way to achieve this. To be sure, it saves you time and effort.

Email Communication Templates Required for Bulk Hiring

  • Confirmation of successful CV submission
  • Alert to complete CV submission process
  • CV selected for skill assessment
  • Invitation for interview
  • Congratulations on getting selected
  • Offer letter and company policies
  • Offer acceptance confirmation
  • Welcome on board
  • Candidate rejection
Enable a Smooth Onboarding Process

One of the most crucial factors to consider while hiring in mass is to keep the hiring success rate high. The onboarding process has the potential to highly influence talent retention and therefore a seamless onboarding process is important to ensure an overall positive candidate experience.

Here are some of the important onboarding steps that you can plan in advance.

  • Be ready with an onboarding team.
  • Identify a tool for conducting group meetings and engaging activities E.g.: Zoom.
  • Create a tracker and utilize tools that make team and task allocation easier E.g.: Trello.
  • Keep a standard medium for communication within and between teams. E.g.: email, slack, discord.
Use an AI-ML HumanTech Enabled Recruitment Platform

Bulk hiring can be optimized with the support of human-tech collaborations such as an AI-ML Tech-enabled recruiter platforms.

These platforms allow recruiters access to state-of-the-art toolkits such as ATS. Furthermore, these platforms enable quality CV sourcing, CV screening, and candidate background verification with the help of an internal QC team. That's not all; they also provide relationship managers to troubleshoot the recruitment process.


Scaling up the recruitment process is challenging but it can be accomplished easily when you refine the steps in your recruitment process that significantly impact your hiring turnaround time and resources. Smart tools and technology platforms can empower your bulk hiring process enabling automation. Also, it is essential to identify the day-to-day challenges faced while scaling up your hiring process and find the essential solution on time. For this, especially when there are increasing demands to fulfill large-scale hiring goals, outsourcing either completely or a part of the recruitment pipeline to recruitment platforms, agencies, or specialists is found to be an increasingly popular recruitment solution.

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16th July 2022

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