What are the Minimum Requirements to Get Started as a Freelance Recruiter

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Becoming a freelance recruiter is much simpler and also the investment you need to make is very less when compared with that of starting a recruitment agency. Further, working as a freelance recruiter demands minimal resource requirement, zero investment, and you can also choose to have flexible work timings and location as you are going to be your own boss. In this write-up, we are going to discuss the things you need to keep ready before starting your freelance recruiter career. In simple words, if you fulfil the necessary specifications, you need not wait anymore and can sign up immediately

Did you know?

A freelance recruiter earns up to Rs 20 lakhs per annum consistently. And, the average income of a freelance recruiter ranges between 1.8 to 7.2 lakhs per annum.

Before we get into the requirements let’s understand how freelance recruitment business work. A freelance recruiter helps an enterprise get suitable talent for the open job positions they have and for each successful placement they earn a placement fee which will be a component of the placed candidate’s annual compensation.

Now, let’s come back to the minimum eligibility to become a freelance recruiter.

Identification Criteria

You must have completed 18 years of age as per the Indian law to start any business but there is no upper age limit to be a freelance recruiter. Unlike the requirements for a full-time recruiter position in an organization, it is not mandatory to have a particular educational qualification or experience to work as a freelance recruiter. Though a qualified experienced recruiter will have an added advantage, a person who has no prior experience in recruitment industry can also start a career and succeed as a freelance recruiter<cta blog 3> provided the person acquires certain skills and stay updated on technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
One can also learn and earn side by side, so don’t hesitate to Get Started! <cta sign up> There aren’t many legal and technical requirements to start your career in recruitment as a freelancer. All you need is your pan card, Aadhar card, and a cancelled bank cheque.  Further, your GST certificate details are required if your income is more than Rs. 20,00,000 per annum.

Starter Kit

To kickstart your journey, you would need a computer/laptop/tab, a stable internet connection, and a telephone/mobile phone.

Register Your Profile Online

When you decide to venture out into the ‘freelance world’, make your online presence prominent because here is where most of your potential clients and partners are. Also, invest time and energy in creating an online profile with your key deliverables and skills highlighted appropriately. Moreover, developing your personal branding as a recruiter via social media widens your opportunity and improves your personal branding. Also be a part of recruiter communities and groups through social platforms such as WhatsApp, telegram, etc.

Take the Support of Recruitment Tools

Being a recruiter, you should also keep yourself in line with the technological advancements that is constantly taking place so that you do not fall behind time and technology. Though it is possible to implement and integrate tools pertaining to different functionality, it takes time to know and optimise each one of them that best suits your recruitment process.
Moreover, technology makes your workflow faster, non-redundant, accurate, and timesaving so that you can concentrate on your core functionality and as a result grow your business faster.
Now, when you have the basic necessities ready, step ahead and start looking for the channels from which you can get demands. This is one of the challenging parts of a recruiter’s life where one has to keep looking for job openings for which they can match the right talent. And, this is when you require an amalgamation of technology and a platform that gets you constant demands. <cta sign up>

Collaborate by Partnering with a Tech-enabled Recruiter Marketplace

Now, we’ve come to the most important part of being an independent recruiter where you should see to it that you aren’t left alone. Though technology and tools can semi-automate your recruitment process flow, we cannot deny the fact that recruitment is a teamwork.
Here, you need technology along with people to network, work, help, and grow with. The recruitment solution <cta> that will best serve this purpose will be the one that connects freelance recruiters with verified job demands from enterprises and also provide tools and technology along with a single point of contact. So, when you partner with an AI-ML-enabled recruitment platform and also join a community for recruiters you get to leverage the right talent to the right place efficiently.
So, empower yourself as a recruiter by partnering with an AI-ML Tech-enabled recruiter marketplace. <cta> But remember to have an agreement with commercial discussion signed so there is no discrepancy.

Learn to Source Candidate Profiles

Once you have identified how to get demands you should also learn how to supply for the same. For this, it is important to learn how to source professionals with relevant skills and experience and the best practices associated with the same. Moreover, once you get a platform from where you will be getting constant demands candidate souring will become your core functionality. Now, let’s see how to source candidate profiles.
Top 7 Ways to Source Candidate Profiles: <Downloadable cta>

  1. Make job postings online and keep this activity consistent
  2. Utilize search engines to reach out to potential candidates
  3. Keep gathering referrals
  4. Attend career meets both online and offline
  5. Join a community for recruiters and job seekers and build your network
  6. Participate in webinars and seminars related to talent acquisition
  7. Keep revisiting your existing candidate list
Invest in Education

It’s important to educate and keep yourself updated to understand the current recruitment trends, tricks, and hacks. Also, there are many courses and tutorials on recruitment available both as free and paid resources.   
Also learn the common terms and jargon used in the recruitment industry so that you can communicate easily. <cta terms downloadable on providing contact>


Starting a recruitment business as a freelancer is simple and you can start your journey immediately provided you fulfill certain basic requirements. After that, there are certain key steps that you need to follow to establish yourself as an independent recruiter. This process of getting established, and gaining experience working as a freelance recruiter demands research and utilization of tools and technology. Hence, it becomes beneficial to take the support of a recruitment platform.
Even after optimizing your tools, growing as a freelance recruiter becomes a challenge in itself while building connections to acquire clients and candidates where it is important to keep yourself updated and aligned with the mainstream. Here, an AI-ML Tech-enabled recruiter marketplace makes your life easier by providing recruiters with a readymade tech-enabled toolkit and also helps build networks so that you can start your journey as a recruiter immediately.

Written by:

Vidhya V,

13th May 2022

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