How do top recruiters and tech organizations attract the right talent

A robust talent attraction pipeline is a must have strategy for recruiters in a competitive hiring market.

In 2021, 69% of companies had reported talent shortage leading to increased difficulty in hiring the right candidate for a specific job role. Leading organizations are devising strategies to build a long-term talent attraction strategy that remains successful irrespective of the state of the economy. Several leading organizations such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and TCS hire talents by means of both online and offline talent attraction strategies.

The market is full of talent and even a single wrong move can cause you to lose a suitable candidate therefore it is important to implement a strong recruitment strategy that will help you attract the best talent.

1. Devise a winning recruitment strategy

The best working recruitment strategy is a dynamic factor that relies on the persona of the candidate that needs to be hired and the job requirements. It is recommended to seek expert’s advice while deciding on the recruitment strategy.

In a rapidly evolving recruitment ecosystem, it is essential to stay updated on the latest trends in recruitment technology. Moreover, a winning recruitment strategy highly relies on the tools and technology utilized for the hiring process Technology such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and automation when incorporated in hiring tools leads to increased hiring efficiency and reduced hiring time. Also, it is recommended to keep updating and troubleshooting the hiring process on a timely basis.

2. Work aggressively to build a positive employer brand

Building a strong employer branding strategy helps the organization stand out amidst the competition. This is the most winning talent attraction strategy. Branding is a long-drawn process that requires consistent effort. Employers keep posting and writing about their day-to-day organizational events such as celebrations, awards, achievements, sports and cultural events. This helps potential candidates learn about the organization beforehand, thereby creating a strong drive to apply.

3. Display the work culture

Organizations and recruiters strive to craft a job post that stands out. It is equally important to invest efforts in projecting the company culture such as the employee perks, work life balance, and workplace diversity Publishing videos, posts, blogs portraying the plus points of the organization, job role, and the industry is a winning employer brand building factor.

Your potential candidates look for clarity in terms of the company profile, history, pay scale, career opportunities, etc. Employers need to make efforts to provide a clear picture of every required detail that can entice top applicants.

4. Write a keyword optimized job description

Job seekers look for clarity in job advertisements therefore don’t let your candidates struggle to understand the job description Moreover, confusing job titles and specifications might dissuade top talent from applying for the job post. Apart from calibrating the job description it is equally important to include the relevant keywords thereby enabling the job posting effectively reach its target audience.

5. Implement a candidate-friendly application process

When the recruitment industry itself has become candidate-centric it is important to keep the application process easy and to the point. Job networking platforms such as LinkedIn allow recruiters to enable candidates to upload their CV in a single click, allow direct communication via messages and enable sending personalized mails using InMail. A candidate-friendly application process attracts more talents and also helps speed up the hiring process.

6. Reduce the time to hire

It is important to value your candidates’ time and make sure that the recruitment process does not take too long. Candidates ghosting the application process and rejecting the offer letter are some of the most common concerning factors in a lengthy recruitment process and in the meanwhile, top candidates might receive counter offers. Therefore, it is important to make your communication faster by enabling instant communication using chatbots, WhatsApp business, etc., as delays in the candidate selection process will make candidates lose interest in your company.

7. Leverage social recruiting

Social recruitment is an increasingly popular hiring trend that can potentially accelerate candidate sourcing.

Social recruitment is an increasingly popular hiring trend that can potentially accelerate candidate sourcing.

Here are some of the top social recruiting strategies.

  • Make the most out of job aggregators and networking platforms 
  • Launch a job/employee referral campaign 
  • Enable social media recruitment 
  • Utilize recruitment marketplaces that help connect organizations with expert recruiters. 
8. Include offline talent acquisition strategies

It is important to invest in offline talent acquisition strategies as organizations need young and dynamic talents as well as experienced industry professionals. It is an undeniable fact that in-person candidate selection and interview process develops better candidate-recruiter interaction and professional connection resulting in better hires.

Here are some of the most prominent ways to execute your offline hiring strategies.

  • Post and advertise jobs in campus interviews. 
  • Conduct workshops and training programs. 
  • Invite students for company visits and industrial tours. 
  • Offer paid internship programs. 
  • Publish newspaper and magazine job advertisements. 
  • Utilize a recruitment agency or an independent recruiter. 
Final Takeaways

Attracting the best talents heavily relies on creating an impact in the industry’s talent ecosystem and assuring aspirants of long-term career growth within the organization. Apart from that, flexibility and the work environment also act as a key deciding factor for candidates choosing to apply.

Depending on the job role, hierarchy, and the industry the talent attraction strategy might demand a varying approach. In case of specialized hiring needs, a recruiter who is experienced and well versed in attracting the desired talent is recommended and this results in companies utilizing external recruitment support

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Written by:

Vidhya V,

1 November 2022

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