Top 7 Time-saving Hacks for Busy Recruiters

Top 7 Time-saving Hacks for Busy Recruiters


Recruitment is a long and tiresome process where recruiters always struggle to get through the endless to-do lists. From sourcing candidates to onboarding them, there is seldom a time when recruiters are not busy. And with so many responsibilities and commitments, it's easy for them to lose sight of time.

The workload for many recruiters is increasing, with bulk hiring occurring after a year marked by hiring freezes. Companies have suddenly ramped up hiring to the point where the demand for recruiters has grown by 63%. That's excellent news for independent recruiters and hiring marketplaces, but it also suggests that HR teams could feel overloaded.

Here are seven time-saving tips you should know if you are a recruiter who frequently wonders where the time flew. It will help you optimize your hiring process and manage time better.

1. Automate the Key Steps in your Recruitment Process

Recruiters spend a lot of time executing several mundane and repetitive tasks. These tasks hardly leave them any time for other equally important tasks waiting in the queue. This is where automation proves to be most helpful. By automating processes like applicant sourcing, CV screening, interview scheduling, and more, recruiters will have much more time on their hands. They can use this time to focus on more crucial tasks such as interacting with the candidates while also saving recruitment cost, and time.

Make sure to analyze which step in your recruitment process is the most time-taking and labor- intensive process that requires automation. Also, try integrating all your recruitment tools to enable a seamless automated recruitment process.

2. Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It could be a challenging task to find the best-suited talent for specific job openings. Especially in a highly competitive market with active and passive job seekers, the art of using the best strategy to attract the right talent becomes more challenging.

But there are workarounds available. When used correctly, artificial intelligence may locate excellent candidates for you based on the keywords in your job description and other criteria you specify. AI and ML-enabled algorithms could be trained and tested to eliminate conscious and unconscious human bias thereby enabling improved diversity and superior recruitment outcomes.

3. Create and Make Use of Your Talent Pool

It might take a lot of time to search for talent each time a new job position opens up. The best course of action is to create, update, and make use of the talent pool you already have. The aim is to maintain a database of competent applicants and connect with them whenever a position that suits them becomes available. Over time your database gets stronger and you might fill most of the upcoming vacancies just by using your talent pool.

Application Tracking Systems (ATS), apart from serving as a platform to create and maintain your applicant pool data, it can also expedite automation of the hiring process. This can be enabled by ATSs that can be integrated with other recruitment tools that can perform job posting, CV screening, job simulations, including tools that can contact the prospective candidates for setting up interviews with hiring managers.

4. Introduce and Utilize e-signatures

Recruiters have to carry out a lot of paperwork such as the offer letter, agreement, etc., during the hiring process, which requires filling up forms, submitting Id proofs, and getting signatures. It's not always easy to get the paperwork done and get the signatures of all parties involved manually. It might take up to hours to days of your time, effort, and cost money, to be sent to and fro, especially if they were hired remotely. All of this can be avoided with e-signatures. Establishing and implementing e-signatures is a terrific strategy where you'll not only save time by doing this, but it will also make keeping track of the records simpler.

5. Create and Use Templates

When it comes to reducing the amount of time spent hiring, templates are quite helpful. Writing the same thing from scratch repeatedly, whether for job descriptions, emails, or interview questions, may take a lot of time. It gets pretty busy for recruiters, especially when you're hiring in large numbers. At that point, templates are useful. With ready-made templates available, you can save time and effort. The nice thing about templates is that you can modify them as well.

6. Post on Multiple Channels with Just a Single Click

Once your job description has been cleared, there is a time-consuming procedure of advertising it one by one on several job boards, including LinkedIn, Monster, indeed, and others. Therefore, using a job board tool or recruitment platform that enables recruiters to publish positions on several job boards in a matter of just a few clicks is easier than repeatedly performing the same work.

7. Create a Recruitment Checklist and Follow It

Building a simple recruitment checklist goes a long way in accelerating recruitment efforts. It allows you to keep a consistent track record of your ongoing and upcoming tasks. Regardless of the position or department, a thorough recruitment checklist will guide you through every step in detail. Once you've created a checklist, any recruiting drive you do won't require you to start from zero.

To Sum Up,

Know that you're not alone. So many recruiters are currently under pressure, especially following a challenging year in which many employees were laid off. Recruiters practicing these seven tips will help efficiently manage time and, at the same time, boost productivity.

The most effective and efficient way to speed up your recruiting process is by automating tasks like candidate sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, and more. Though it won't give you a whole day's worth of freedom, it can free up a large chunk of your workflow, giving you more time to focus on the more involved tasks.

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