On This 75th Independence Day Learn How Being an Independent Recruiter Offers You Work Independence

On the eve of the 75th Independence Day, we are glad to take the initiative to motivate and educate aspiring individuals about the perks of choosing recruitment as an industry to build a career. If you ever wanted to be your own boss, starting a recruitment business is a highly promising career option. Let’s say, if you had a career break and you are desperately looking to kick start your career, starting a recruitment business can be both fulfilling and rewarding.

Now, let’s learn about the perks of becoming an independent recruitment business professional.

Who is a Freelance Recruiter?

A freelance recruiter is the one who helps organizations find the best suited candidates for a given job opening. Here a freelance recruiter is not an in-house employee of any organization but a contract-based recruitment service provider, or in simple words a recruitment partner who will receive a placement fee for each candidate hired through them. Here the placement fee would ideally be a component of the candidate's annual compensation.

Becoming a Freelance Recruiter

Though becoming a freelance recruiter does not necessarily demand any particular educational qualifications and experience, it is essential to acquire specific skillsets related to the recruitment business.

Also, it is essential to stay updated regarding the latest tools and technology used in the recruitment industry to remain competitive and succeed.

Yes! You can become a freelance recruiter with no prior experience and zero investment.

7 Reasons Why Being an Independent Recruiter is a Good Career Choice

Being responsible for one’s own job security

Job layoffs and economic downturns are today's ground realities.

In this situation, being a freelance recruiter puts you in an advantageous position as you are not relying on one company. Here your job security depends on your talent network, client list, reputation, experience, and expertise in hiring. These are undoubtedly good job security factors that can help you earn consistently.

Being your own boss and carving your growth

The first enticing factor about a job opening is the remuneration; the second is that everyone gets a good boss and consistent career growth. Imagine being your boss and your career growth being non-dependent on yearly appraisals, promotions, managers, etc.

As an independent recruiter, you are not bound by the shackles of someone else’s recruitment goal and comparison with others all the time. Here you can build your hiring strategies though sometimes you need to be in line with your client’s strategy. Above all, you will get to choose your client, workload, goals, and team and the key indicator of your growth is your niche reputation and ability to achieve better hiring deal closures than before.

Work from anywhere anytime

Being a freelance recruiter comes with the perks of choosing when and which projects to work. Though you might have a few meetings and work submission deadlines during the working hours of your client, the rest of the work can be done in your own leisure time, which is a plus. Also, you’ll be deciding the place to work where it could be your own office, co-working space, work from home, terrace, garden, resort, or even a beach. To get started all you need is a good laptop, an internet connection, and a mobile phone.

Earn more!

As a freelancer, you are a service provider or a working partner where your pay-out does not have an upper limit. The more deals you close, the better service you provide; you gain the potential to demand and earn more as a recruitment partner.

Improve your networking ability and skills

When people start working on their own, the first fear is about the social aspect of working. No more teamwork, meetings, events, or outings, no colleagues to share your work relates ups and downs and helping hand. Not true! Never allow yourself to be cloistered. Being an on-demand recruiter, make sure to join a network of recruiters by which you can form a proactive community to share ideas and get help from your fellow recruiters and learn from industry experts.

Attending industry-specific educational and skill-based training programs and connecting with relevant social media groups is a good idea starting out.

More freedom to learn and experiment

As an independent hiring professional, you can dedicate more time to learning and skill development, which might be difficult in a regular job. There are multiple channels from which you can take courses and internship programs to understand the job nature of a recruiter and choose to work more on your best-suited niche. Also, being an independent recruiter, you get to choose your projects, clients, and many more aspects which you cannot when you are a regular employee.

Be ready to fail and use every failure as a stepping stone

When you are an employee of an organization, every action of yours counts. You cannot expect a free hand to make risky decisions on your own. Further, your success within an organization would be a net sum of the achievements and failures across the year and this makes it less likely for employees to take risky ventures. But when you are a freelance recruiter, you are not bound by all these restricting factors. With each failure and challenge, you learn what not to do, ultimately sculpting your skills enough to become a niche hiring expert.


There are specific challenges faced by every recruiter while getting started and also in their daily work ecosystem. But fortunately, with the development of tools and technology and the support of experts in the recruitment domain, these challenges are easily mitigated.

There are recruitment marketplaces that take care of things such as offering user-friendly dashboards to work with integrated tools such as Applicant Tracking System, templates for writing job descriptions, and so on. Also, the critical aspect of staying connected with fellow recruiters and talent seekers helps you get business and grow and succeed as a solopreneur.

Hiring and HR Management is a Promising Career Option in 2022

Before choosing any business model, it is essential to survey the hiring market trends and the demand and supply aspects. Here is the data that can help you understand the increasing hiring needs for the upcoming years, thereby ensuring consistent work for recruiters.

According to Jobs Industry Sectoral Report 2022, there is an expected 31% growth in hiring across seven key sectors.

Manufacturing Industries: According to Decoding Jobs Industry Sectoral Reports 2022, here is an expected growth in hiring by 31% before 2023.

IT Sector: According to Indian Staffing Federation, the IT sector intends to hire 8 to 10 lakh tech professionals by 2023. With an increase in the volume of hiring tech talent, there will be more specific skill set requirements giving a competitive edge to freelance recruiters filling talent demands for specialized and diversified job roles.

Freshers: According to the National Committee on Industrial Relations there is going to be surge in hiring freshers and early career professionals in the tech industry.

Startups: India is the world's third largest start-up ecosystem harboring ~50,000 start-ups resulting in hiring opportunities in the months to come.

Final Takeaways

Every work life is a freedom struggle in itself; you must explore every prospect of professional growth and business opportunities. Talent acquisition, being a less explored option by freelancers and gig workers, harbors immense business potential.

All your career development efforts turn into fruitful outcomes only if you supplement your existing skills with the newly acquired ones and with the support of people and technology.

Now that you know the benefits of being an on-demand independent recruiter, you need not wait. Here is a quick guide on how to become an independent recruiter immediately by fulfilling certain basic criteria. You can also write to contactus@myrcloud.com to get an idea about the same.

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Vidhya V,

15th August 2022

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