Social Media Talent Acquisition Pro-tips

Social Media Talent Acquisition Pro-tips


In a fast-paced talent acquisition environment, candidates will never wait; therefore, employers and recruiters constantly look for clever ways to attract more applicants quickly. According to a report by iCIMS social media job posts can fetch 30-50% more applicants.

While you are reading this, a prospective candidate interested in the job opportunity you are waiting to sell might be using social media. Therefore, delay no further than being on social media and build your own social media recruitment process, especially if you are looking for tech talent; social media has transformed how recruiters reach out and communicate with prospective candidates. Communication has become more accessible, rapid, and personalized, leading to better candidate-recruiter interactions, which would not be accessible otherwise.

Benefits of Social Media Recruitment

  • Enables wider reach. 
  • Enables tech-driven reach to targeted audience. 
  • Easily shareable across platforms. 
  • Improves employer branding.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for job posting. 
  • Better candidate engagement. 
  • Better candidate retention rates. 
  • It can potentially reduce overall candidate acquisition time and cost. 
  • Ready access to tools and metrics to analyze the traffic flow. 
  • Keeps recruiters updated with the current hiring trends.

According to Forbes, 48% of job seekers are active on social media.


LinkedIn is an effective platform that is carefully designed to cater to the needs of everyone in the recruitment ecosystem. It enables jobseekers to find suitable opportunities for their skills and experiences and talent seekers to locate and attract the best-suited candidates. It also helps employers find suitable recruiters who can source suitable candidates. Above all is an excellent job networking platform that helps build professional connections, build talent and recruiter communities, and stay updated with the current recruitment trends.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 62% of candidates prefer LinkedIn for job search and 93% of recruiters and organizations are already utilizing this platform for hiring.

Pro-tips for LinkedIn Hiring

Step 1: Create a LinkedIn company page by logging into your LinkedIn account.  

Click on Interests -> Companies -> Create -> Enter company email Id -> Name of the company -> Enter 

Step 2: Now that you have created your LinkedIn company page, you need to optimize your page for better reach.

Write about your company and the business in the description. LinkedIn allows you to write 2000 characters long description but try covering the essential points within 150 characters for better visibility and readability while appearing on search results.

Step 3: Populate the ‘Company Specialties' field with relevant industry-related keywords.

For instance, if you are a tech recruitment marketplace, you can add keywords such as tech hiring, talent acquisition, candidate sourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, and so on.

Step 4: Create and share posts consistently.

It is recommended to create posts related to job openings and the work culture such as sharing company photographs, content related to employee and client experiences, and so on. You can also post motivational content, educational and industry specific know-hows to attract relevant audiences and keep them engaged. Over a period of time, it helps build employer brand. Image and video content has higher engagement rates.

Step 5: Search for candidates.

You can search for top candidate profiles using the role and industry specific keywords. For instance, if you are looking for a hiring expert, you can use the keywords talent acquisition, recruiter, hiring manager, talent manager, headhunter, and so on. Here you can use the ‘Advanced’ option to filter the results according to your needs.

Step 6: You can send a connection request, direct message, or InMail using LinkedIn Premium.

Step 7: Create a LinkedIn job posting.

For better response rates, you can utilize LinkedIn Recruiter features such as 'Easy Apply' and prescreening forms.


Instagram is one of the top social media platforms with the advantage of the highest user engagement. The click rates of Instagram content are 10-100 times greater than other contemporary platforms, making it a go-to place for promoting employer brand, engagement, and receiving candidate responses.

Here it is important to note that Instagram is a mobile application that is optimized for iOS and Android. Also, mobile recruiting is an increasingly popular hiring medium that saves time and ensures quicker responses.

Pro-tips for Instagram Hiring

Step 1: Create an Instagram business account with your company name as your user Id, preferably (for all social media company accounts).

Step 2: It is recommended to keep the company logo as the profile picture (for all social media company accounts).

Step 3: Pictorial and short video content is what Instagram is designed for. Therefore, try creating your message to the candidates as creatively as possible in the form of a high-quality photograph, doodles, vectors, etc., with text indicating that you are hiring.

Step 4: Add the most important information, such as the job title, email to drop the CV, etc., to the picture while moving the additional details to the caption.

Step 5: You can also post an advertisement that redirects your audience to your website from where they can apply.


Utilizing Facebook to post and promote your job vacancy helps reach a broader audience. Also, it is easy to share the link across various platforms. Career-specific Facebook pages and groups allow employers to post job openings, recruiters to share vacancies and candidate profiles, and candidates to share their portfolios.

Pro-tips for Facebook Hiring

Step 1: Create a Facebook account for your organization and create a page for jobs at your company.

Step 2: Try to keep the page content focused on posts related to hiring, different job roles within your organization, training and skill development, work culture, employee experience, and current hiring trends.

Step 3:Facebook is well-known for its groups and communities for recruiters, candidates, and sectors such as IT, marketing, manufacturing, BFSI, and so on. Therefore, we can expect better outcomes while acquiring talent through networking campaigns such as job referral programs.

Step 4: Experts recommend that applicants, employers, and recruiters keep their personal accounts separate from their professional ones.


Twitter is ideal for sharing short messages. Here the upper limit for the number of characters is undoubtedly rewarding if utilized efficiently. Here the same word limit keeps you from posting a detailed job specification.

Pro-tips for Twitter Hiring

  • Utilize job flyers and well-designed images containing text related to the job requisition.
  • Give a link to the company website and the career page.
  • Add relevant hashtags related to your job role and industry.

Final Takeaways

Social media is a one-stop platform where most of your candidates are already there, and what you need to do is evolve workable strategies to attract the best-suited ones. You can also find well-networked recruitment professionals who can source quality CVs source using their experience and expertise, thereby making this platform an eminent candidate sourcing channel.

Talents are driven to apply and accept a job offer by several factors in addition to the paycheck, and those encompass the work culture, employer branding, value for diversity, flexibility, the opportunity for growth, etc. Social media serves the space where you can effectively project the key talent-attracting aspects of your organization and the job role.

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20 September 2022

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