Compelling Reasons why Organizations Should Work with Independent Recruiters

Talent experts confess that a company’s talent acquisition strategy serves as the cornerstone to its overall growth and achievements. And most importantly, organizations that outpace their business competitors are the ones with a thriving recruitment ecosystem.

The first step that will ensure that you will acquire skilled professionals who can fit well into their respective roles is to find excellent recruiters.

Now, let’s take a deep drive into the compelling reasons as to how an independent recruiter can create a big positive impact on your hiring ecosystem and deliver superior recruitment outcomes.

How does hiring an independent recruiter work?

Organizations can create contract-based or project-based tie ups with independent recruiters to fulfill their hiring needs or to temporarily extend their HR team. They take care of a few crucial hiring steps or manage the entire hiring process as per the requirement and are entitled to receive a candidate placement fee post closure.

The roles and responsibilities handled by independent recruiters vary depending upon their experience, expertise, industry exposure and so on. Several leading organizations are increasingly working with independent recruiters considering the value they offer and the cost factor.

Now, let’s understand the most evident benefits of working with independent recruiters.

1. Reduced ‘Time to fill’

Every organization will be chasing their aggressive hiring goals and it is a well-known secret that even the global unicorns are struggling to reduce their average ‘time to hire’ and ‘time to fill’ rates. This poses an excellent opportunity for skilled freelance recruiters to collaborate with leading organizations.

2. They work on skill upgradation and stay well informed

An independent recruiter in a broader picture is a business professional therefore they will more likely be aligned and updated regarding the latest trends in the talent market. They stay proactive in attending formal skill upgradation programs, educational events, seminars and career fairs thereby keeping themselves ahead and competent as a recruiter.

3. Expert talent attraction strategies

A freelance recruiter is predominantly vested with the responsibility of identifying, attracting, and sourcing candidates. Having this as their primary responsibility recruiters relentlessly work to master the winning and trending talent attraction strategies.

4. The art of where to look for talents

There are several avenues to look for candidates. Here certain hiring channels turn out to be more productive than others leaving the hiring team puzzled as to which source of hire to invest in. Independent recruiters experiment and maintain a track record of the hiring metrics pertaining to candidate sourcing strategies.

5. Leverage their networking ability

It is a well-known fact that recruiters have professional connections with fellow recruiters and passive job seekers and would never hesitate to go an extra mile to achieve the set targets. Independent recruiters tend to stay well connected also via recruiter communities, job networking platforms, and closely interact with their clients thereby harboring a well-knit talent ecosystem that can be leveraged.

6. Tech-driven hiring

Hiring tools have become an irreplaceable aspect of the recruitment pipeline of any organization be it small, mid-scale, or large. Employers struggle to perfect the tools and scale up the hiring process. Recruiters with experience and expertise can help organizations choose and prioritize the best-suited tools and platform support required for a job role.

7. Outcome driven

In general, recruitment business professionals would be highly driven towards achieving candidate placement closures. This is because their pay-out structure largely relies on deal closures, which is less likely in the case of organizational recruiters.

8. Data driven hiring

While the power of data is ruling every sector, the recruitment ecosystem is no exception to it. In fact, data provides insights regarding the hiring success rate and also indicates the gaps and pitfalls in your hiring strategy that need troubleshooting. Recruiters following best practices in hiring will provide you with the hiring metrics for each job posting periodically for each hiring step they take part in. This enables you to assess the return on investment of the hiring process easily.

9. Personalized quality hires

Every organization would target to acquire the best candidates. Here the definition of the best candidate does not limit to skills and experience but also includes the cultural fit and the adaptability of the candidate within the organization. Some roles require the assessment of skills and qualities that might not be reflected in the CV. In such cases organizations prefer to dedicate a recruiter who can interact, identify, and assess such skill requirements. Moreover, such job requirements are dynamic demanding a personalized hiring strategy where a specialized independent recruiter who knows the industry in and out can do justice to fill the job role.

10. Cost-effective recruitment solutions

Last but not least, recruitment process outsourcing by means of an independent recruiter is undoubtedly cost-effective. For most of the organizations hiring is a seasonal need with unexpected spikes. During such situations it becomes cost effective to temporarily expand your hiring team by relying upon recruitment service providers.

Final Takeaways

The demand for hiring the best-suited talent is expected to see a hike across several sectors in the upcoming days. This especially creates lucrative opportunities for independent recruitment professionals. Such opportunities also help recruiters drive their own business growth by empowering them to devise innovative solutions.

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Written by:

Vidhya V,

9 September 2022

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