How can organizations help recruiters achieve better candidate closure rates

‘Recruiters are in charge of enticing talent by showcasing their abilities and career options.’ But, unfortunately, the job of a recruiter is not as simple as the one-liner. Recruiters spend a lot of time over phone calls with the team and the candidates, reviewing resumes, and scheduling and conducting interviews. On top of that, they constantly compete with other recruiters from your competitors and recruitment firms for the same candidates. Therefore, it is not surprising that some recruiters struggle to close more candidates than others.

Also, considering the amount of time and resources especially the money invested by organizations invest in hiring, it is absolutely necessary to make your recruiters as productive as possible.

In this write-up we will be discussing the eight promising ways using which recruiters can be motivated to close more candidate placements, while also improving their focus and motivation levels.

Promising ways to improve placement closures of your recruiters

Employers and talent heads must be aware of their recruiters' progress. To motivate a recruiter to close candidates quickly, it is essential to define and set targets for extended periods. This will help recruiters understand their potential and what they need to improve to reach their goals. Setting up performance metrics for recruiters also has the potential to ensure healthy competition between recruiters, making them work smarter.

1. Get your KPIs right

Key performance indicators or KPIs help recruiters understand whether they are focusing enough on the set goals and how much progress they have made regarding the same. Set up milestones at the beginning of the month and updating their progress periodically. Recruiters must also be made aware of the key hiring metrics and where they stand compared to other recruiters in their team or across teams. Having real-time KPI scoreboards can help recruiters keep track of their success, while giving managers greater visibility into the team’s performance.

2. Effective communication regarding the targets

To motivate recruiters to achieve quicker placement closures, it is important to have an effective communication strategy in place. For instance, Employers and recruiter heads will assign recruiters a weekly number of leads to follow up on followed by chat and email notifications, in-app alerts, and team leader check-ins can encourage and remind recruiters about their success and how far away they are from achieving their targets on a periodical basis. This is widely called nudging and it has been proven to be a time-effective approach for closing more candidates.

3. Provide the needed assistance

Recruiters, just like other professionals, can achieve their set goals or even more when provided with the necessary support while in action. In short, they require help closing more candidates. Employers first identify the challenges faced by a recruiter in their day-to-day work process and should act accordingly. For instance, recruiters can be made to enroll to a skill upgradation program where tech experts and thought leaders tend to serve as a mentor.

4. Conduct feedback sessions and work on it

Just like how employees are the backbone of any organization, recruiters are the backbone of the entire recruitment ecosystem. So, it becomes imperative for companies and HR heads to conduct feedback sessions and work on grievances and suggestions to create a positive work culture.

Constructive feedback can help learn what employees think about the recruitment workflow, reveal the improvements to be made and identify areas of change, and rate the work culture. Motivating recruiters to keep up their work ethic and be increasingly productive for the firm by enabling them to receive constructive feedback on how well they're doing their job.

5. Gamify target achievement

Gamifying is a great way for companies and recruitment team leads to make the office environment more competitive while still retaining the fun element. Conducting contests and rewarding recruiters with star performer awards and badges based on their performance on a monthly or quarterly basis will be highly motivating. Organizations also reward recruiter teams with the best recruitment results.

Above all, a recognition from the leadership in front of the entire organization is a great way to motivate recruiters to close candidates quickly.

6. Running a job referral campaign

Crowdsourcing recruitment is an increasingly popular and winning candidate-sourcing strategy. Apart from other operational benefits, crowdsourcing helps cut down recruiters' time. Further, launching job referral campaign is one of the cost-effective sources of hires provided the campaign turns successful.

7. Invest on the right tech upgradation

In today's recruitment ecosystem, most recruiters would undoubtedly use specific tech tools to carry out their day-to-day hiring activities. Here the functionality and efficiency of the tools and whether they add value to their overall hiring outcome is a constantly debatable aspect. However, with the right tools and hiring strategies, recruiters can do much more than just close hiring deals. For instance, utilizing deep data-driven insights helps improve recruiters' performance and cut unnecessary hiring costs. Integrating the different tools used for hiring into a centralized system, such as a candidate database utilizing a dashboard can save recruiters’ time and effort.

8. Partnering with a recruitment marketplace

Most importantly, if you are a freelance recruiter or a growing agency, partnering with a recruitment marketplace can help you achieve deal closures faster by rendering you with support such as training and skill upgradation, access to top clients, taking care of troubleshooting, and operational hassles. Further, tech enabled recruitment management platforms are well-known to provide all the necessary tech support to the recruiter teams and clients working with them in a cost-effective manner.

Wrapping up

Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for achieving more number of candidate closures. However, the onus is often on companies and HR heads to motivate them to close more recruits. Motivation and focus are what it takes to be a top recruiter. Every recruiter aims to target the right candidates effortlessly for which working in an organized manner is vital.

Companies and recruiters can break the monotony of work, make work atmosphere more fun and encourage teamwork. They can also rely on recruitment process outsourcing to minimize the burden of their HR teams whenever required. Freelance recruiters and agencies can work in partnership with recruiter communities and recruitment marketplaces to achieve greater goals.

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Written by:

Vidhya V,

10 November 2022

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