5 Signs that indicate you need a recruitment solution ASAP

Businesses today are having difficulty in filling skill gaps. In simple words, finding a suitable candidate for a given job vacancy is predominantly a difficult task. Moreover, the responsibility and the burden of finding and convincing the best cultural fit for your organization falls on the recruiters and HR heads. 

With the ever-evolving recruitment trends, talent seeking has become a competitive market where the lack of a time-driven effective recruiting strategy will make you fall behind your hiring goals. This is where partnering with a recruitment/recruiter marketplace or a staffing firm offers an outcome driven solution. Most importantly, they are experts at finding and recruiting the best candidates for any job openings. Now, let’s understand what a recruitment solution is. 

What is a Recruitment solution? 

A recruitment solution is a service provider that does hiring. The service could be anything ranging from sourcing candidates, CV screening, conducting interviews, to taking care of the entire hiring process. They help organizations hire qualified candidates by leveraging their expertise in talent acquisition efficiently.  

How does outsourcing the hiring process work? 

When you work with a hiring solution, they will first learn about the organizational goals, work culture, available roles, and so on. By this, they will be able to get a clear picture about the requirements and the summary for each job role and what will be the characteristics of an ideal candidate for each such vacancy. 

They then scan the applicant pool for suitable candidates who could potentially fit your specifications such as checking the skill and experience match followed by background checks. They also help you in candidate selection by recommending the best ones based on interviews. An end-to-end recruitment solutions oversee the whole hiring process from start to end, resulting in superior recruitment outcomes within a tight deadline while saving cost and effort. 

Six Indicators that Indicate you Require a Recruitment Solution 

1. The recruitment approach is "one-size-fits-all"  

In today's changing talent market, no single strategy can assist a business in the run for a competitive quest of talent. To develop a winning hiring strategy, employers must meticulously analyze their goals, such as the type of talent they are attempting to attract for a position.  

Once a firm has established its goals, the talent needs and the hiring strategy also has to be ascertained. Each organization has unique hiring requirements and it further diversifies to specific and specialized needs for each type of talent requirement even within an organization. Hence, meticulously working on refining, diversifying, and assessing the hiring strategy becomes inevitable and here is where a recruitment solution can offer its expertise. 

2. The recruitment process is too sluggish  

The average time taken to hire an employee might take from weeks to months. But today’s competitive talent market does not allow organizations to take their own sweet time to hire a candidate. Further, there could be multiple job openings at the same time that should be filled within an aggressive deadline. In such cases, it creates pressure on the HR team and at the same time falling behind the set hiring goal would incur huge business expenses. To combat such issues and remain competitive, recruitment automation solutions and outsourcing bulk hiring are becoming increasingly popular and essential. 

3. Technology is underutilized  

Thanks to technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning that supplements recruitment. By this, certain processes in recruitment can be automated and simplified with the press of a button. However, selecting the finest tools and techniques for hiring might be challenging and time-taking. Recruiters use big data and cloud storage for storing applicant data. Employers can conduct one-way video interviews with candidates to speed up the interview process. Further, recruiters utilizing mobile friendly hiring process significantly increase the chance to acquire larger talent pool swiftly. 

4. The applicant-tracking system at the firm is not being used correctly 

Many businesses believe that an applicant-tracking system's primary purpose is to store resumes and display applicant status. But it can be so much more. Recruiters can save time and money by using an AI enabled applicant tracking system, that offers functionalities such as automated resume screening, pre-screening tests, interview scheduling, and candidate engagement.  

Here choosing the best tool to manage crucial steps in the recruitment process might take a lot of study and time. Here is where recruitment solutions offer their support. They consider the tracking system's performance, integration, and usability. 

5. Social recruitment is disregarded 

Hiring managers and recruiters can use social media and recruiter communities to build relationships with potential candidates and learn more about their expectations. This method undoubtedly assists organizations in reducing expenses and saving time throughout the hiring process and also enable employers locate excellent applicants faster and enhance the overall candidate experience by building a personalized professional talent network

Top 5 recruitment marketplaces to outsource talent acquisition     
  • MyRCloud    
  • BountyJobs   
  • CrowdRecruiting    
  • Scout    
  • Recruitifi 
Final Takeaways

According to thought leaders in talent acquisition, an ideal recruitment solution should be a platform that intelligently links organizations, recruiters, and applicants. It provides cutting-edge sourcing and assessment solutions to achieve targeted recruiting outcomes by means of a Recruitment Marketplace Model.  

The ultimate goal of recruitment marketplaces is to enhance recruitment outcomes powered by human talent and cutting-edge AI. There are several other situations in which a recruiting firm offers specific solutions that could be commended. Overall, they make the recruiting process more manageable and assist top organizations to acquire suitable talent within a stipulated time period and a reasonable budget. They also offer business opportunities for recruitment professionals where they can leverage their niche expertise and connections. 

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