How to make the best use of technology in talent acquisition

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Talent Acquisition

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The use of technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation is taking the foreground in recruitment. They enable quick, accurate, and early skill assessment, making sorting and ranking talent easier, thereby enabling consistent quality hires within a stipulated time.

Now, let’s dive deep into the world of talent acquisition and understand how technology transformed recruitment?

The traditional recruitment process mainly involved newspaper advertisements followed by written tests, group discussions, interview, offer letter, joining followed by training. Interestingly, today there are tools and technology to assist each one of these steps, thereby making the entire process efficient by several manifolds. Here is the list of stages in a technology enabled modern day recruitment.

  • Online Job Posting and Talent Hunting
  • Creation of a Candidate Repository
    • Applicant Tracking System
    • Blockchain Technology for Data Validation
  • Online Talent Assessment
    • Online Tests and Automated Assessments
  • Flexible Interviews
    • Virtual Interviews
    • Robotic Interviews
  • Talent Retention and Engagement
    • Candidate Relationship Management
    • Chatbots
    • FAQs
  • An Integrated Recruitment Management Suite
Discover and Attract the Right Talent

In an organization, talented individuals give rise to talented teams, and talented teams are the reason behind the success of an organization. Now, let’s brush through the most important ways through which you can attract superior talent online.

Top 11 ways to attract the right talent online

  • Conduct targeted searches online using relevant keywords such as the job title and job description on different job boards.
  • Join relevant groups and post the jobs.
  • Create job postings online using relevant keywords.
  • Write an accurate and persuasive job description.
  • Run social media campaigns to gather referrals.
  • Update the career site of your website regularly and create provisions to add CVs.
  • Send notifications regarding new job openings to candidates who registered on your career site.
  • Conduct seminars/quiz/training sessions online and give rewards such as certificates and gift coupons that are shareable online.
  • Use video JD explaining the roles.
  • Conduct virtual organizational tours
  • Leverage talent using online recruiter marketplaces.

Conducting engaging learning programs helps you identify the participant’s skillsets. Here, you can ask them to register to receive hiring alerts henceforth.

Creating a Talent Pool

It is vital to have a talent database that you can visit and revisit anytime when new positions open up. For instance, a candidate with a unique skill set might have applied for a position that is less likely to match his/her profile, but in the future, the same candidate might be a perfect match for a new job role.

An Application Tracking System (ATS) is an excellent platform to start as it is a digital repository that maintains data of your job applicants without manual intervention and enables faster candidate screening, avoids redundancy, and facilitates better hiring results.

Blockchain technology started taking its place in recruitment industry that ensures a better big picture of the available talent leading to more accurate matches in the job market. This technology enables instant, up to date data access, cloud storage with utmost security. Here, the data cannot be altered without verification thereby reducing the chance for talent mis representation.

Make the Hiring Process Friendly and Flexible

A hiring process that's flexible and accommodative will attract more talent. By incorporating a flexible recruitment process you can show case your work culture beforehand thereby you can try acquiring the best cultural fit.

Here are some pro-tips that you could use to make your hiring process friendly and flexible.

  • Offer the candidate the best time for an interview by providing a list of time slots.
  • Offer the candidate to take up automated tests and interviews any time before the deadline.
  • Take the help of a recruitment service that helps you conduct the hiring process even during non-working hours
Streamline Your Interviewing Process

Smart interview tools that can help you make interview calendars, schedule, and conduct interviews efficiently by sending notifications regarding the upcoming interviews to both the candidate and the interviewer. Plus, upgrade the process by conducting virtual interviews as it cuts down the time and expenses for both the candidate and the recruiter. eg: Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Further, you can enable documentation and feedback session for every interview conducted so that you can work on improving the interview quality.

Conduct Robotic Interviews

There are AI tools that enables robotic interviews where you can automate by setting up pre-screening questions and evaluation, but the technology is still under research and development. Talent acquisition and robotics experts are hoping that an AI and ML based robotic interviews would be the new norm in the near future that would take the recruitment process to the next level.

Work on Talent Retention and Engagement

In this era where you find Glassdoor and Google reviews for almost every organization it is evident that candidates are also expecting a consumer-like treatment.

So, try making the entire hiring process candidate-friendly so that they feel valued, thereby giving them a solid reason to spread the good word about your organization. Further, it will also help top-tier candidates to choose your organization over other opportunities.

You could use a CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) service that sends alerts, notifications, and updates to keep your candidates engaged. An excellent way to stay approachable and responsive is by using chatbots. Don’t just stop there, ensure to link the FAQs section and the careers communication section with it so that the candidates can be easily redirected to the proper channel to get guidance.

Now, let’s understand how using technology in hiring can be made much easier with technology-based recruitment management suites.

Take the Support of an Integrated Recruitment Management Suite

The ultimate goal of an employer who manages the recruitment process will be to increase the hiring success rate as it helps the employer cut down on the recruitment resource expenses, optimize the recruitment process, and, most importantly, acquire the best-fit talent who will take part in the organization's overall growth.

Here, we recommend you make the best use of tech-enabled recruitment platforms to help you acquire quality talent within a fraction of the turnaround time compared to traditional recruitment processes.

To Sum up

Tools and technology have become an indispensable part of modern-day recruitment. Though they can reduce redundant steps and automate specific processes in recruitment, most of the critical steps and most importantly the recruitment process itself remain fragmented. For an efficient hiring process, it's essential that organizations identify their problem areas and apply suitable tools and technology as well as strategies that suit their hiring goals. The benefits of incorporating the power of technology are immense and will help optimize your recruitment pipeline.

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13th May 2022

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