Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and recruitment

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Transformed Modern-day Talent acquisition

From fairness to efficiency, it is changing the recruitment process one hire at a time... 

Screening hundreds of candidates from a large applicant pool to hiring the best talent, recruitment is a long and inefficient process with scope for errors. However, artificial intelligence and machine learning significantly reduce all these inefficiencies and errors thereby making it easy to find the right applicants while turning it into a fair and efficient process.

This modern and innovative approach makes the hiring process more flexible and standardized. By adding a layer of intelligence to the process, AI has made it easy for companies to discover and manage talent globally. It will continue to do so for everyone in the coming days. Read through this definitive guide that covers everything to understand better how AI is transforming modern-day recruiting.

What is AI for recruiting?

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence using algorithms that are designed to think and act like humans. Its goals include learning, reasoning, and perception. From recruitment to healthcare, AI is being used in every industry because of its unique ability to rationalize and take actions based on a massive amount of data by leveraging machine learning algorithms and also as it saves significant time.

AI for recruiting uses artificial intelligence in the hiring process, where machine learning helps identify ideal applicants and automates manual tasks of the recruitment process. By automating both routine and vital operations, this sophisticated human-designed technique saves a significant amount of time in recruiting.

Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Recruiting Process

Screening the applicants is the initial and most critical stage of any hiring process. However, over 52% of talent acquisition leaders say it is also one of the most complex parts of any recruiting process. Because there are usually so many candidates, finding the best will require time and effort. And with an increase in hiring volumes, it certainly won't be easy on the HR and talent acquisition team.

This is where AI comes to their rescue. It enables recruiters to make greater use of their ATS (Applicant Tracking System), allowing them to hire more efficiently, shortlist more correctly, and screen resumes more fairly.

Screening Candidates and Resumes

Manually reviewing applications and resumes remains the most time-consuming aspect of any hiring process. AI for recruitment provides the unique potential to save time by automating repetitive and time-consuming operations such as over resumes, automatically initiating evaluations, and arranging interviews with applicants.

AI will become helpful in creating a job search preference with appropriate job descriptions. Both recruiter and candidate can also utilize a matching algorithm to evaluate hard skills, soft skills, job roles, industry, education, experience, city, and many other criteria. An AI-powered talent acquisition solution will not only automate a portion of your workflow but will also integrate smoothly with your current recruiting stack so that it does not interrupt it.

Promising Recruiting Efficiency with Unbiased Prioritization

Bias in the talent acquisition process has long been a problem for companies. Discrimination based on race, gender, disability, and various other factors influences recruiters' recruiting judgments, restricting applicant job options and hampering the hiring quality. This frequently results in a negative applicant experience and less diversity.

With sophisticated applicant assessments, AI powered recruitment strategies will speed up candidate placements. In addition, AI-powered evaluations have the potential to eliminate interviewer biases, thereby giving all applicants an equal opportunity, and the company will be able to select the best candidate without the interviewer being biased.

Fast Fact!

Several research study suggests that conscious or unconscious human biases affects recruitment outcomes. AI tools can potentially help overcome such shortcomings when they are fed with unbiased data and trained and tested with an intention to avoid biased results.

Automated Management of Passive External Talent

Candidate interaction is a critical component of your hiring process. When you include actions to nurture potential recruits in your hiring funnel, your chances of landing the finest one skyrockets. This is where AI proves to be more accurate and beneficial. It increases the engagement of passive prospects to bring better results.

Improved Response Rate

AI for recruitment has also proven to be a viable option for increasing the response rate between the recruiter and the job seeker. It isn't easy to discover who's the one you have been looking for and who's not. AI tools help recruiters identify the best-fit candidates.

Here is a list of AI recruitment tools which you could use to get started.

AI Recruitment Tools
  • Job Advert Software E.g.: Talentify, Adway
  • Applicant Tracking System E.g.: Freshteam, Recruithire
  • Robotic Interview Tools E.g.:, HireVue
  • Candidate Relationship Management Softwares E.g.: TalentLyft, SmashFly
  • Job Simulation Process E.g.:JourneyFront

Apart from using specific AI-based recruitment tools, top recruiters are exploring AI recruitment platforms where AI in association with people can fulfil specialized recruitment needs. Here is the list of some of the best AI talent acquisition platforms.

Top 5 AI Enabled Recruitment Tech Platforms
  1. MyRCloud
  2. Talenture
  3. Fetcher
  4. Seekout
  5. Skillate
What the Future Holds

Artificial intelligence, without a doubt, is the future of the recruitment process. As more businesses see the need and benefits of AI, they will incorporate it into their business practices to achieve higher efficiencies. To be sure, when it comes to AI in recruitment, it's about co-existence rather than a replacement.

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Vidhya V,

12th July 2022

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